I'm a remote user and use MXIE from home. My MXIE doesn't always work or I can't log into MXIE from home.

The following are the most common causes and fixes of remote users having issues with MXIE when working remotely.

MXIE Behavior:
- Unable to log into MXIE from home or another remote location
- Can log into MXIE but MXIE sometimes freezes
- While on a call, the call gets disconnected

Try these steps in this order.
  1. It's possible that the Windows Firewall on your computer is preventing or killing the MXIE connection periodically.  Turn off your computers Windows Firewall and see if the problem goes away.  If the problem does go away, the problem is solved.  If you want to have your computers firewall turned on, then you simply need to add port 5060 and the MXIE application as a safe in your firewall settings.  If you are unsure how to do this, consult the MS/Windows website for steps on completing this.
  2. If you problem continues after trying step 1, it's possible your computers Virus Protection software is killing the connection or disabling the MXIE application.  Turn off your Virus Protection and test to see if the problem goes away.  If the problem doesn't occur again, then you will need to add MXIE as a safe application in your Virus Protection settings.  For steps on doing this, consult your Virus Protection documentation or their website.
  3. Many times a home or remote router will have a setting turned on that affects MXIE working with the telephone system.  In your router, it will be referred to as one of the following: SIPalg, SIPaware, SIP Transversal.  Access your router or contact your internet provider and uncheck the box to deactivate SIPalg.  Basically, SIPalg tries to "clean up" SIP traffic and we need your router to leave the packets alone.
  4. Contact your Telephone System (MX) Administrator.

Attention: MX Administrator
If the above steps do not resolve the issue, its possible that all the necessary ports on your firewall are not open to allow traffic from/to the remote MXIE user are open.  Please check your firewall settings to make sure the following ports are open:

MXIE - Required Ports:
TCP ports 7100-7156, 7505 = allows MXIE connection to the PBX
UDP ports 3771, 5060, 33000-33070 = allows voice traffic to flow to/from the remote MXIE user from/to the PBX

Remote Phones - Required Ports:
UDP port 69, 123, 3000, 3771, 5060, 33000-33070

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