How do I upload my own Music On Hold?

If you'd like to upload your own music on-hold file to your Zultys MX30 or MX250, here are the steps:

  1. You will need to convert the music file to a .wav file.  To do this, you will need to use a sound file editor.  One that we like that offers a free download is Goldwave.  Open the file, and then select File | Save as from the menu.  From the "Save as type:" select "Wave (*.wav)".  From the Attributes: box, select "u-Law, 8000 Hz, 64 kbps, mono".  This should save the file in the Zultys requirement of u-law or a-Law (8-bit, 8kHz, mono). 2. Try uploading the file to your MX by launching the MX Admin and selecting Configure | Audio. 
  2. If you receive an error message while uploading to the MX, it's most likely due to the file being too large.  If so, use your sound editor to break the audio file into multiple smallerfiles.  In other words, highlight the first 3 minutes of the recording and save as "music1", then select the next 3 minutes of the recording and save as "music2", and so on until you have the full recording saved into multiple files.
  3. Upload the files to the MX and place in the order the music should play (i.e., music1, music2, and so on).  The files will play with no skips and as one continuous file.

Dynam Communications will convert a music file for our clients and even upload to your MX.  Also, we offer our clients their choice from a list of 20 standard on-hold music files already formatted as on-hold music.  The selections range from corporate, smooth jazz, classical, country, rock, and others.  This service is free for our Zultys PBX clients.  You can view the list of optional on-hold music and sample each music file by clicking here.


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