How can I block my outbound caller ID?

Using your home or mobile phones, you're use to dialing something like *67 followed by the telephone number you wish to dial and the *67 will keep your telephone number from showing on the other side as the calling party.

Your Zultys MX system supports this feature but it must be configured by the MX System Administrator.  To do this, the Administrator should do the following:

1. Log into the MX Admin tool
2. Click on Configure | Phone Services
3. Click on the [Servers] tab
4. At the bottom, the admin will see a "Block CallerID:" field.
5. Enter *67
6. Click the [Apply] button on the bottom left to save the change.

Test the feature now by using your office phone to call your mobile phone. Be sure to first dial *67 followed by your mobile number. Your office number should not appear as the calling party.

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