How do I connect my headset to my phone: ZIP 55i and ZIP 57i?

For a Plantronics Headset, you will need an Aastra DHSG cable (62-001134-00) and a Plantronics Hook Switch Cable (APS-1).

To connect a headset to your ZIP 55i or ZIP 57i, follow these steps:

On the Phone
1. Press the [Options] button
2. Scroll to Preferences and press select
3. Scroll down to Set Audio and press select
4. Select Audio Mode
5. Scroll down to Headset/Speaker and press Done

Turn the phone over
1. On the far left and above the white label, remove the small cover from the. You may need to use a coin in the slot to pop the cover off.
2. Insert green connector into the handset port on phone
3. Plug blue connector into the coupler
5. Connect Plantronics Hook Switch cable (APS-1) into coupler
     a. Plug modular plug into headset cradle in plug with telephone symbol
     b. Plug in the R/C plug into headset base

If you experience a problem hearing from the headset, adjust settings/dials/switches on the headset base.  Start by adjusting the dial.

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