This is Not Your Grandmother's Business Phone


This is Not Your Grandmother's Business Phone


Republished from TMCnet
By Mae Kowalke,
TMCnet Contributor

VoIP is hot, and with good reason: It delivers more telephone functionality for less money than traditional business phone solutions. With the explosion of business VoIP adoption, there also have been great strides made in terms of what VoIP has to offer the enterprise.

One of the fundamental improvements in VoIP that has driven increased use is the widespread adoption of session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, which allows VoIP calling to better integrate with landline and other telephone options. With SIP, phones that use VoIP are now virtually indistinguishable from their TDM-based counterparts, and calling cell phones, landlines and international numbers is as easy and convenient as old systems. There is now no calling penalty for using the newer VoIP technology.

The private branch exchange (PBX) system that businesses have long relied upon also has gotten a big upgrade via VoIP.

VoIP PBX systems are both easier and more full-featured than their TDM-based counterparts. The modern VoIP-based PBX system enables easy call-forwarding and ring groups that let multiple phones ring at the same time, as well as call hunting that has calls routed from one phone to another until someone is there to pick it up. It enables offices in different parts of the country to connect by phone as if they were in the same building. It can also deliver unified messaging and integration with Microsoft Outlook in most cases.

VoIP PBX systems also now usually come with advanced auto-attendant functionality. There is less reason than ever to have a receptionist, with callers easily able to navigate to the right employee using these systems. They are both easy to set up and easy to use in most cases, and often there is no additional charge for such functionality.

An additional driver of business VoIP has been the move to the cloud. Hosted PBX is a game-changer for most businesses. Instead of having to maintain a closet full of aging and often expensive telephone equipment, businesses large and small now can get their telephone needs met through a cloud service.

As with other cloud services, hosted PBX systems translate into reduced capital expense, zero maintenance and improved functionality without investment. Hosted solutions enable IT departments to focus on tech that is more specific to the company’s line of business, not basic functionality that every business needs and uses.

Finally, mobility is yet another advancement in business VoIP over the past couple years. While VoIP has always enabled mobility (since it leverages the Internet instead of telephone wire) in the past few years, VoIP providers have really upped their game by developing easy to use smartphone apps and full business phone solutions that can be run via tablet or smartphone. It is now easier than ever to have an employee take the office with them, and all it takes is a free app from the VoIP provider.

There are plenty of reasons why VoIP is taking the business world by storm.  What’s holding you back?

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