Zultys Announces Release of Flex Communicator

Zultys, a premier provider of innovative unified communications solutions that empower businesses to collaborate effectively, today announced the release of Zultys Flex Communicator.

Flex Communicator allows for seamless integration between 3rd party business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and the Zultys MX Unified Communications system for the purposes of generating screen pops and performing record look-ups when an incoming call is received.

On receipt of a call, Zultys Flex Communicator executes a previously configured application or launches a web URL with a search for the Caller Number and/or Name. This provides tremendous flexibility to integrate with both installed programs and browser based applications, or simply to perform a query via a search engine, social network, or any other website.

Zultys Flex Communicator is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and requires MX release 7.0.5 or higher. Access to the feature is controlled via the Desktop Integration license.

For access to the new Zultys Flex Communicator, contact Dynam Communications!